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Marcel Desilets is a thoughtful and poetic songwriter with remarkably talented guitar fingers. Some of his songs are humorous, some are sweet, and some are downright cosmic, but all of them are loving celebrations of life. Marcel draws you in by his gentle way of singing and knack for pointing out truths in simple things. He adds to his poetic sense of lyric just a beautiful touch on guitar, giving way to original songs that come with over forty years of writing.

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Marcel was raised in Norwood, St. Boniface (Winnipeg).  Music was around him from an early age in the form of Dobro guitar and harmonica (both of which his dad played), and his mom’s singing and harmonizing to the old standards. It was the seventies however, and “After The Gold Rush” that really started his love of music. The sometimes rock, sometimes folk song styles of Neil Young, and later the finger picking virtuosity and mellow song compositions of Bruce Cockburn, truly helped shape his appreciation of music and the direction his songwriting interests would take.

From his beginnings at learning to play guitar his interest has always been in creating his own songs, so with his first few chords taught to him by his dad on an old $10 guitar, he was on his way to developing his art. Marcel’s influences come from the profound and the usual, the deep and the day to day, what’s going on within, and what he observes around him. Marcel has added banjo, Dobro, harmonica,and mandolin to the list of instruments that he enjoys playing.

As well as performing solo, his love of these other instruments has led him into an accompanying and collaborating role for and with other musicians. 

Two projects in particular that Marcel is a member of are "Waywiser", a duo/band with singer-songwriter Ben Wytinck, and "Seanster and the Monsters" with Sean Hogan, Tim Braun, Kim Neufeld and Scott Young.

"Seanster and the Monsters" received a Western Canadian Music Award nomination for Best Children's Album for 2014.